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Facilities Available

Liver Biopsy
Precutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG)
Diagnostic And Therapeutic Endoscopy
  - Sclerotherapy
  - Variceal Band Ligation
  - Glue Injection
  - Stricture Dilatation
  - Foreign Body Removal
  - Polypectomy

Pediatric GI Conditions

Neonatal Cholestasis
Upper and Lower Gi Bleed
Recurrent Abdominal Pain
Recurrent Vomiting
Chronic Diarrhoea
Chronic Constipation
Recurrent and Prolong Jaundice
Acute and Chronica Liver Disease

Therapeutic Procedures

Sclerotherapy and Band ligation for esophageal varices
Epinephrin injection for bleeding ulcers
Stricture dilation
Postoperative TOF stricture
Corrosive strictures
Achalasia dilation
Foreign body removal

Pediatric GI Conditions where I can help you

Neonatal cholestasis
  - Biliary atresia, choledochal cyst, allegille syndrome
  - PFIC, PILBD, intrauterine infections
Chronic / Recurrent jaundice
Chronic liver disease
  - Wilson's disease, autoimmune hepatitis
  - Hepatitis B and C (Interferon treatment for both)
Metabolic disorders
  - Galactosemia, tyrosinemia
  - Unexplained hepatospenomegaly
  - Isolated Splenomegaly
  - Failure to thrive / Short stature
  - Chronic Liver ds, celiac ds, GI conditoins
  - Chronic / Recurrent abdominal pain
  - Chronic diarrhea
  - Celiac ds, Cow's milk protein allergy
  - Congenital diarrhea
  - Chronic constipation
  - Chronic / Recurrent Vomiting
  - Congenital GI stenosis
  - GERD, cyclic vomiting
  - Gastroparesis, intestinal malrotation
  - Gastrointestinal bleeding
Upper GI Bleed
  - Extrahepatic portal vein obstruction,
  - Gastric and duodenal ulcers, chronic liver ds
Lower GI Bleed
  - Colonic polyp, Cow's mild Protein allergy


Diagnostic procedures
  - Liver Biopsy
  - Endoscopy
Upper GI scopy for esophageal, gastric varices, ulcers Esophageal biopsy for GERD, eosinopilic esophagitis Gastric biopsy for H.Pilory infection Duodenal biopsy for Celiac ds
  - Intestinal lymphangiectesia
  - Imflammatory bowel ds
Proctosigmoidoscopy for polyps
  - Cow's milk protein allergy
Colonoscopy for polyps
  - Inflammatory bowel ds
  - Strictures growth